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About MADE
Macintosh Application Development Essentials (MADE for short) is a tiny package of C/C++ code which provides all the lowest-level needs for a Macintosh application. It contains basic routines for dealing with errors, memory, menus, events, linked lists, AppleEvents and Drag-and-Drop. It supports both Classic (Mac OS) and Carbon (Mac OS X) development and contains glue code to help you build for both from a single source code base.

MADE is used in all of Sig Software's programs. Analog Helper, Cross Platform, Drop Drawers, Email Effects for Mac and TableText are built entirely on the MADE framework, while Email Merge and NameCleaner use parts of it.

If you purchase MADE, you will receive extra code for string manipulation, opening URLs, threading, dealing with memory and file buffers, dialog box items and opening and saving files with Navigation Services. All of these features are documented with comments in the code.

"You just published an excellent Mac programming shell framework."
Helping you write good software
MADE includes several features specifically designed to help the development process, allowing potential crashes to be caught before testing and turning intermittent errors into ones that happen every time. These are:
  • Assertions, which are checks that can be removed in final builds.
  • Memory trashing so code that accesses uninitialized memory always fails.
  • Memory block moving so code that hopes moveable memory won't move always fails.
  • Memory tracking which ensures the same block of memory is not freed twice.
  • Memory leak testing which uses memory tracking to check for leaks.

These features are based on a book by Steve Maguire, published by Microsoft Press, entitled "Writing Solid Code - Microsoft's Techniques for Developing Bug-Free C Programs". (Ironic, really...)

"MADE is clearly a good idea and a valuable adjunct for Mac developers."
Download MADE 1.7.5 for Mac OS X and Classic Mac OS.
"I want to thank you for MADE. It got me over the Mac programming hump."
Macintosh Application Development Essentials is shareware. When you purchase a license, you will receive fully-commented code for both the unregistered source files and the features in the registered package. Prices range from $20 for a standalone license to $250 for a license for use in commercial software.

MADE licenses can be purchased using the Register MADE program that comes with the download.

"I love MADE. I have started using assertions... It is helping a lot."
Links and Other Stuff
  • The Celestin Company's Apprentice CD-ROM
  • Download open-source Carbon-compatible glue functions for the AEStream utilities in AEGizmos.

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