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Drop Drawers Upgrade to DragThing!
Sig Software is pleased to announce that DragThing by TLA Systems is the official upgrade path for Drop Drawers, and we recommend that all users upgrade.

As of May 2007, Drop Drawers is no longer being actively developed. However version 1.6.6 may still be downloaded below.

I'm sorry to have to retire Drop Drawers. For the past few years I've been very focused on other projects and have not been able to give Drop Drawers the attention it deserves. I appreciate your support of Drop Drawers and am confident you will find DragThing a worthy successor!


Gideon Greenspan
Sig Software

About Drop Drawers
Drop Drawers is a revolutionary user interface enhancement for Macintosh which provides floating pull-out, snap-shut drawers on the sides of your screen to store text, URLs, aliases, scripts, pictures, sounds, movies and anything else.

Sliding Drawer

Drop Drawers currently has two drawer types, clip drawers and process drawers.

Silver Winner, Online Software (OS 9/X), MacFixit Toolbox Awards 2001
Clip Drawers
Clip drawers can contain any of the following:

Clip Drawers

Information in a clip drawer can be worked with - styled text can be edited, applications and folders can be dragged onto, URLs can be opened, scripts can accept parameters, pictures can be viewed and sounds and movies can be played.

"One of those applications you have to try to believe." - O'Reilly OS X Hacks.
Process Drawers
Process drawers display a list of running processes:

Process Drawers

Drop Drawers works seamlessly with any Macintosh application supporting drag and drop and can instantly capture and insert data within any program. It also fulfils all the standard functions of a floating application launcher.

"Drop Drawers is amazing... where did you get your brain? You obviously are brilliant."
  • Highly customizable interface with colors, fonts and transparency.
  • Image and movie files shown as QuickTime image thumbnails.
  • Auto insertion of text (or anything else) into any application.
  • Drawers can be positioned easily on any side of any screen.
  • All drawer items can have key shortcuts assigned.
  • Optional speech recognition for drawer items.
  • Drawers can be password-protected.
  • Sophisticated arrange and clean up options.
  • Patterns and pictures for drawers and tabs.
  • Drawers have optional configurable grids.
  • AppleScript editor and compiler built-in.
  • Tool Tips show hidden names of items.
  • Comprehensive documentation and tutorial.

See some more screenshots.

Awarded by MacUser UK and Best On Test by MacFormat UK.
Drop Drawers is a PowerPC application and runs on Intel Macs using Rosetta emulation. We recommend that Intel Mac users upgrade from Drop Drawers to DragThing.

Download Drop Drawers 1.6.6 for Mac OS X or Classic Mac OS (English).

Drop Drawers 1.6.6 is also available for Mac OS X in French, German and Japanese.

"The potential of this utility is amazing... organize and present your data in almost any way..." - The Mac Observer
Free license
Drop Drawers is no longer being developed or sold, so here's a free license:

1. Ensure Drop Drawers is not currently running.
2. Select the entire block of data below.


3. Choose Copy from the Edit menu in your email program.
4. Run the Drop Drawers application.
5. The code on the clipboard will be automatically installed.
"Drop Drawers is the most elegant solution yet to the launcher concept." - MacUser UK.

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