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Sig Software

Sig Software products are no longer being developed or sold, and there are free license codes on each product page – more info...

For Mac/Windows
Email Effects
Email Effects allows pictures and drawings to be used in plain text media.
For Macintosh
Analog Helper
Analog Helper is a graphical configuration tool for the web log analysis tool Analog.
Classic Menu
Classic Menu brings the functionality of the Mac OS apple menu back to Mac OS X.
Cross Platform
Cross Platform provides information on how files can be used with Windows PCs.
Drop Drawers
Drop Drawers provides floating drawers to store text, URLs, aliases, pictures and anything else.
Email Merge
Email Merge creates individualized email messages by combining a database and a template.
NameCleaner converts file names and types for file systems such as Windows or Unix.
TableText allows tabular information to be manipulated and scanned as plain text.
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