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Do you offer discounts for high-volume orders?
Yes, and they can be substantial. Please contact us for details.
Do you accept purchase orders?
Unfortunately not, but we do offer a number of different payment options.
Where is my registration code?
If you purchased Analog Helper, Cross Platform, Email Merge or NameCleaner by credit card, your temporary license code should be emailed by Kagi within a few hours, as part of your payment confirmation. This enables you to get working quickly. Our other products do not have temporary license codes.

For all products purchased by credit card, permanent license codes are emailed by Sig Software within a day or two of payment. Non credit card purchases (e.g. payment by check) will take longer.

If you have not received your license code within the expected time, it was probably trapped by a spam filter. This is a common problem with Gmail. Please search your spam or junk mail folder for a message containing the word sigsoftware.

If you still cannot find the message with the license code, please contact us and we will send it again. If you have contacted us and still not heard back, this means that our emails are not getting through to you. In this case, please suggest an alternative email address to reach you.

If you have any other payment or delivery questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Can I distribute a Sig Software product on my CD-ROM or web site?
Yes, under two conditions. Firstly, you may only distribute the unregistered version. Secondly, you must include the entire package (including documentation, etc...) for the relevant product. The easiest way to fulfil both conditions is to download the program from our web site, and distribute it unmodified.

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