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Sig Software
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Sig Software is a privately held company which sells software using the shareware distribution method. It was founded by Gideon Greenspan whose first Macintosh program, NameCleaner, was released in 1994.
Sig Software's products are widely recognized for providing functionality, value, reliability and ease of use. They have won several awards, including:
  • MacFixit Toolbox Award (12/01, Drop Drawers)
  • MacFixit Toolbox Award (12/00, Classic Menu)
  • MacFormat UK Shareware Best on Test (11/99, Drop Drawers)

Our programs have also been mentioned in various mainstream media, including:

Contacting Sig Software
You can reach Sig Software via the contact form.

Due to the volume of spam received, many of our old email addresses have been discontinued. Messages sent to one of those addresses will receive an automatic reply with a link to our contact form. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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