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Travelling with a shareware business
From 18th October to 9th December 1999, I went on the road with Sig Software, travelling from Singapore through Malaysia to Thailand. You can read about my exploits in two parts, as published on the TidBits mailing list:

Selected photos
Unfortunately, I only took a cheap fixed-focus camera on my trip, but you can still get an idea of some of the sights of South East Asia from the few snapshots below.

Angry early-morning sky in Bangkok from the train

Sri Mariamman Hindu Temple sculptures in Singapore

Meditation at Wat Umong forest monastery near Chiang Mai

Masjid Damek mosque in Kuala Lumpur

The moon over Wat Si Sawai, Sukhotai Historical Park

Sleeping Buddha at Wat Phothivihan near Kota Bharu

Child's play in the neighborhoods of Kota Bharu

Buddha-worshipping monkeys at San Phra Khan, Lopburi

The Canopy Walkway in Taman Negara jungle rainforest

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