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Email Merge Upgrade to MaxBulk Mailer!
Sig Software is pleased to announce that MaxBulk Mailer by Maxprog is the official upgrade path for Email Merge, and we recommend that Email Merge users move across.

As of November 2010, Email Merge is no longer being actively developed. However version 2.3.6 may still be downloaded below.

I'm sorry to have to retire Email Merge. For the past few years I've been very focused on other projects and have not been able to give Email Merge the attention it deserves. I appreciate your support of Email Merge and am confident you will find MaxBulk Mailer a worthy successor!


Gideon Greenspan
Sig Software

About Email Merge
Email Merge is a program for Macintosh for creating a mailing of individualized email messages. It combines a database and an email message to create customized email messages. Email Merge can be used for invoicing, sales, list management, student grading and even personal messages.

Email Merge is compatible with Apple Mail, Entourage, Eudora, Mailsmith, PowerMail, Outlook Express, Emailer or QuickMail Pro. It extracts data directly from FileMaker Pro, and can easily import from databases or spreadsheets such as AppleWorks and Microsoft Excel.

Download for OS X Now!    Download for OS 7/8/9 Now!
"Your software has been largely responsible for the upturn in my business over the last few years."
- Ken Newman, Magnet Productions.
  • Imports directly from FileMaker Pro, clipboard or text file.
  • Verification of outgoing messages, email addresses and attachments.
  • Supports HTML email (Entourage and Outlook Express only).
  • Database features, included sorting and finding duplicates.
  • Messages can be sent using different accounts.
  • Attachments can be included with messages.

Email Merge contains comprehensive documentation, context-sensitive help and a tutorial.

"Your application is wonderful. Compact, intuitive and exactly what I've been dreaming of."
Email Merge is no longer being actively developed. We recommend that Email Merge users upgrade to MaxBulk Mailer.

Download Email Merge X 2.3.6 for Mac OS X or Email Merge 2.1.1 for Classic Mac OS.

Problem with some Intel Macs: We've received a few reports of instability on some Intel Macs. If you experience this, please download this beta which appears to solve the problem.

"I have just been blown away with the power and simplicity of Email Merge.. an excellent job."
Email Merge is no longer being developed or sold.
"What a fantastic bit of software! This will save us around $1500 a month in postage."
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