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NameCleaner Support
If you have a problem with NameCleaner, please take the following steps:
  1. Read the documentation within NameCleaner.
  2. Check the list of frequently asked questions below.
  3. Download the latest version.
  4. Check the main support page for licensing issues.
  5. If you are still stuck, please contact us.
Frequently Asked Questions
When I copy my 'NameCleaned' files to my PC, their names get curtailed to the DOS 8.3 format.

Once NameCleaner has cleaned your files, you need an effective way to transfer them from your Mac to your PC. Older versions of PC Exchange did not retain Mac long file name when transferring via disk. See the last section of our online guide for more details.

How do I stop NameCleaner adding extensions to file names?

Select the Mac to PC File Types cleaner in the Options window, then switch off Use Cleaner.

How do I configure NameCleaner to map files belonging to Application X?

Select the PC to Mac File Types or Mac to PC File Types cleaner in the Options window, depending on which direction you are moving files in. Add the relevant mapping to the list displayed. To pick up the Mac files types from a Mac file, click the Mac Code: button.

I get a Log File Not Specified error when I try to clean some files.

Go to the Report window and switch off Log Operations. Logging is separate from ordinary report generation.

Will NameCleaner convert my files for me?

NameCleaner only affects file names and types, not the file contents. See our online guide for file conversion products.

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